545 Blackburn Road, Mount Waverley.

545 Blackburn Road, Mount Waverley
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HVAC Equipment (Heating & Cooling)

545 is equipped with the latest Daikin VRV IV Heat Recovery climate management equipment that maximises comfort and control whilst delivering significant energy efficiencies.

VRV IV Heat Recovery Technology

The VRV IV Heat Recovery system is Daikin's answer to the next generation of HVAC technology providing:

  • One unit is able to simultaneously heat and cool different parts of the office
  • A Heat Recovery Link (HRL) allows for precise and integrated capacity management between each control element providing lower power input and, improved heat recovery performance
  • Heat Recovery Technology with Branch Selectors allows waste heat from one area to be redirected to another that requires heating
  • An Advanced Variable Refrigerant Volume system automatically adjusts refrigerant temperatures to meet the changing building load, which provides even greater energy savings, comfort and ease of installation

The VRV IV has made significant improvements from its predecessors in the area's of energy efficiency, responsive climate control and monitoring systems, thereby enabling property managers to better administer the operations of the air-conditioning systems. Daikin's VRV IV delivers high COP thanks to innovative features such as VRT, advanced J series compact inverter compressor and improved streamline airflow design.

Variable Refrigerant Technology

Daikin's VRV IV now features Variable Refrigerant Temperature technology (VRT), a state of the art energy saving technology that automatically adjusts the refrigerant temperature as the building load varies to maintain optimum comfort conditions whilst keeping operational costs low.

VRV IV Heat Recovery Features - Roof

Indoor VRV Fan Coil Units - Ceiling

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